Hot n' Spicy Mac & Cheese

Hot n’ Spicy Mac & Cheese

The difference between a store-bought box of Mac & Cheese and a homemade version is like night and day. Sure, most of us enjoy the blue and yellow box from the grocery store every once in a while (in this case, blue and yellow are not a description for Bookbinder’s!) but there’s nothing quite like homemade Mac & Cheese fresh from the oven.

Our take on the American tradition of Mac & Cheese uses our Bookbinder’s Hot n’ Spicy Breadcrumbs for a unique kick to go with that creamy goodness! The more breadcrumbs you add, the more of a kick you’ll get so add as much or as little as you’d like! We prefer a pretty good kick so we added a full cup of breadcrumbs for this recipe but if you want something a little less spicy, just cut the added breadcrumbs in half. You could easily substitute our Bookbinder’s Seafood Lemon Breadcrumbs as well.

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